Celebrating Creative Expressions: Artworks by Linda Sinkule

Artist Statement:

Working with engaging teachers at the DIA and Hannon Center has inspired me to declare, I AM AN ARTIST.

Throughout my life, I have continued to reinvent myself in pursuit if many passions. My high school mentor allowed me to skip study hall to do my own thing: painting, making jewelry, throwing pots, sculpting  and chiseling mahogany.  This kept me happy in  Michigan, biding time to enter the Ferris State commercial art program where I grew enough to shift into marketing. 

While enrolled at the Tobe-Coburn School for Fashion Careers in NYC, I had internships with Bonwit Teller and Macy’s. In Detroit, I was a buyer for the Miss Hudson department at the J.L. Hudson Co.

I have been happiest supporting people using my hands. Integrative bodywork eventually led to a 45-year practice of structurally integrating connective tissue through Ida P. Rolf, PhD. I still keep up my active practice and thankfully keep fit in the process!

I find myself in an altered state while painting, intuitively exploring my creative expression in my untitled paintings, which invites you – the observer – to interpret what surfaces for you. My hope is that this work moves you.


(734) 320-8705