Edgefest 2023,

Kerrytown Concert House (KCH)  • Ann Arbor, Michigan
Wednesday-Saturday, October 16-19, 2024

Kerrytown Concert House announces Edgefest 2024, its 28th annual 4-day festival; an exploration of new music, improvised and composed. A diverse and deeply inclusive roster of innovative artists (local to international, emerging to established) bring their inspirational new music and collaborations which always contain messages relevant to our lives and the world today.

“The annual rite of fall in Michigan music…running off the beaten tracks.”

DownBeat Magazine

“There’s no doubt that if you want to hear accomplished music in an intimate space with excellent sound in the company of a respectful crowd, Edgefest is the place to be.”

John Sharpe
New York City Jazz Record


“If you’ve got an ear for adventurous music that doesn’t care much for the constraints of genre, labels or convention, then you should be in the audience for Edgefest.”

Mark Stryker
Detroit Free Press

“To paraphrase the state motto of Michigan, if you seek a deeper groove, look about you.”

Lawrence Cosentino
Signal to Noise


“One of the premier national events for avant-garde and improvisational music in the world.”

Mike McGonigal
The Detroit Metro Times


“Edgefest sits squarely at the nexus of improvised music and contemporary composition, ignoring, nay obliterating, any concern of genres and boundaries…Edgefest once again cast its bright light on some of the world’s most exciting and challenging music.”

Arlene & Larry Dunn
I Care If You Listen



(Subject to changes / additions)

Tomas Fujiwara’s 7 Poets Trio (with Tomeka Reid & Patricia Brennan)

Brandon Seabrook, solo

Myra Melford’s Fire and Water Quintet (with Tomeka Reid,  Mary Halvorson, Ingrid Laubrock, & Lesley Mok

Alexander Hawkins & Joshua Abrams

 Sylvie Courvoisier / Patricia Brennan Duo

Ingrid Laubrock Quartet (with Brandon Seabrook, Shawn Lovato & Tom Rainey)

MOCH (Patricia and Noel Brennan)

Steve Rush/Steve Swell Quintet (with Molly Jones, Jonathan Barahal Taylor & Jaribu Shahid)

Andy Milne/Ingrid Laubrock

Francois Houle

Josh Zubot Strings (with Meredith Bates, Peggy Lee & James Meger)

Andrea Wolper

Joseph Daley Tonal Colors Trio (with Ken Filiano & Shu Odamura)

East Axis (Gerald Cleaver, Scott Robinson, Kevin Ray, Matthew Shipp)

Kenn Thomas/David Hurley/Zekkereya El-Magharbel

Ken Kozora/Piotr Michalowski/Shoshke-Rayzl Yuni


Selected Edgefest artists will create a 2-day residency at Scarlett Middle School. The artists will collaborate with Director of Bands Caroline Fitzgerald to provide “out of the box” creative activities not part of the traditional curriculum. The students will appear at Kerrytown as they participate in the Edgefest parade at noon on Saturday. All community members are invited to participate in this unconventional and rather raucous parade that has now a long history with Edgefest! 


Information about Edgepass pricing and availability coming in summer 2024.

Information about individual concert ticket pricing and availability coming later summer 2024.


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