Mike Khoury

Mike Khoury


Mike Khoury is an experimental composer, violinist/violist, and improviser deeply influenced by Detroit and Arab-diasporic musical traditions, and also works as a free improviser and as a member of the Redford Symphony Orchestra. Trained as an economist, he applies quantitative approaches from Econometrics to his work as a musician, using strategies to arrive at outcomes in compositional and performance settings. Working with Palestinian/Syrian-American choreographer/organizer Leyya Tawil, Ben Hall, and many others, he has presented work locally and internationally in conversation with traditional folk concerns, political identity, and the Arab avant-garde.

As a Detroit organizer/curator, through the Entropy Stereo record label and the Entropy Studios performance space Khoury has presented the live or recorded music of Griot Galaxy, Black Merda, Wendell Harrison, Ben Miller, Faruq Z. Bey, Bobby Bradford, Kalaparush Maurice McIntyre, and many others.  He has also authored a chapter on Halim El-Dabh included in an anthology of the Arab avant-garde published by Wesleyan University Press. In 2018, Khoury was the recipient of a Knight Arts Challenge Grant and was named a Kresge Arts in Detroit fellow in 2020.

Website: http://www.mikekhoury.com/

Instagram: @entropystereo