front view kerrytown concert house


“What would musical life be like around here without the Kerrytown Concert House in Ann Arbor? It’s chilling to even think about, but the short answer is less adventurous, less vibrant, less exciting and a lot less fun. Since the concert house first hung out its shingle, it has been a haven for the finest chamber music, solo recitals, art song celebrations, contemporary classical fare, cabaret styles, New Orleans jazz, bebop and free jazz. On the same Steinway, to cite an example, I’ve heard Menahem Pressler play Chopin, Tommy Flanagan play Ellington, and Dave Burrell play Dave Burrell.

Not unlike a great jazz club, the concert house owes its unique vibe to a metaphysical alchemy. Certainly, the physical space itself is key: a renovated 19th- Century house, whose first floor has been transformed into an L-shaped recital hall with an intimacy and acoustics unmatched in the region. The other critical link is founder Deanna Relyea, a mezzo-soprano whose artistic vision, taste, personal warmth and empathetic embrace of the creative spirit have forged a very special environment. Like Relyea, the concert house itself has the soul of an artist.”

Our Mission

We at Kerrytown Concert House are dedicated to continuing the great work that Deanna Relyea established 38 years ago and nurtured for a quarter of a century. We agree with Mark Stryker: “…The concert house itself has the soul of an artist!” We are passionate caretakers of this special, intimate space, and it is an honor to bring world-class artists to our audiences in an up close and personal way.

Kerrytown Concert House (KCH) exists to engage, educate and entertain the public by bringing high-quality artists and audiences together for enhanced appreciation, enjoyment and understanding of the performing arts.


Artistic and Executive Director, Monica Swartout-Bebow, shares her own KCH story and her passion for this unique venue.