Phyllis Robb

Phyllis Robb<br />
Exhibit Showing Monday, July 8th – Monday, August 12th, 2024<br />

About the Artist:

Phyllis Robb is a colorist painter who lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her watercolors offer a bold and intense look at the world around us.

She began painting in earnest during the Covid pandemic. A free watercolor class was offered to Seniors at Washtenaw Community College. The price was right and it was delivered via Zoom. The instructor and the class members offered inspiration, encouragement and a reason to be happy at home.

When the semester ended, Phyllis was invited to join the Ann Arbor Senior Artists Collective. Most of these artists have been painting together for decades. They meet via Zoom on Thursdays. Led by local painter, Joe Lukomski, the group continues to develop skills, explore new and old techniques, study the Masters and cultivate friendships.

Inspiration can be found everywhere. Artists can magically make anything beautiful. Splashing paint is a powerful tool for mindfulness and change.