tango ensemble

“For haunting melody, rhythm that makes every part of your anatomy move, and a feeling of warmth and enthusiasm, QuinTango is downright wonderful.”
– Robert Jones, Spoleto Critic,
The Charleston Post and Courier

QuinTango, a quintet of strings, bandoneon, and piano, has received standing ovations at the White House, Kennedy Center, jazz clubs in Costa Rica, Mexico and Buenos Aires and concert venues across three continents. Their concerts feature distinctive arrangements of Astor Piazzolla, Julian Plaza, and Leonard Cohen and original music by the band’s Grammy-nominated composer Emmanuel Trifilio and Austin-based singer/songwriter Ali Cook.

Maestro Trifilio, QuinTango’s Argentine bandoneon player, leads the rhythm section through milongas both poignant and energetic, waltzes redolent with nostalgia and tangos too danceable to resist. Close vocal harmonies punctuate QuinTango’s newest repertoire, while bandoneon solos take the listener back to tango’s Golden Age and the streets of Buenos Aires. The violin section supplies warmth, bravura and memorable stories. Together these five musicians conjure a spellbinding emotional energy that enfolds the audience in tango’s close embrace.

Five-time WAMMIE award winners, including the 2023 award for Best Latin Artist/Group, QuinTango has self-produced seven CDs, undertaken 11 international tours, and performed for hundreds of audiences across 29 states. They have 90+ tangos and 2 music videos on streaming platforms. In addition to their mainstage and jazz club performances, QuinTango works with schools, community centers, half-way houses, hospitals, senior centers, homeless shelters, the U.S. State Department, and local cultural offices throughout the world to strengthen communities through the arts. Powered by the desire to make a difference with their tangos, QuinTango is an experience that lasts much longer than the performance itself.

Joan Singer, violin, founder and director of QuinTango, combines her flair for story- telling and weakness for glitz with her love of music. She has performed at Inaugural balls, backed up Aretha Franklin and been a tenured member of the Baltimore Opera Orchestra.

Regino Madrid, violin, is a member of the National symphony Orchestra, Sound Impact Collective and the Chiarina Chamber Players in DC, as well as concertmaster of The American Pops. For 20 years he performed at the White House with the US Marine Chamber Orchestra.

Ali Cook, bass and vocals, is a multi-talented singer/songwriter, arranger, instrumentalist and teacher who is equally comfortable touring Europe as a bassist with the National Symphony and performing on 6th Street in Austin with her band, Ali & the Wild Geese.

Julie Huang Tucker, piano and vocals, is an organist, keyboard artist, choral musician and conductor who has appeared at the Kennedy Center, Strathmore, and National Cathedral. She also brings classical music to the area as an on-air announcer for classical radio station WETA.

Emmanuel Trifilio, bandoneon, discovered a bandoneon in a second-hand shop in his native Argentina, launching his love affair with tango. A Grammy-nominated composer, Emmanuel has performed at Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Center, and with orchestras throughout the USA and Cuba.