Renaissance Circle

Kerrytown Concert House Renaissance Circle

The Kerrytown Concert House Renaissance Circle is comprised of the
extraordinary donors who contribute over $3,000 per fiscal year.

A Renaissance in the Kerrytown District

Kerrytown Concert House is at the center of a cultural, social, and architectural renaissance in Ann Arbor.  Condominium projects have risen and are multiplying; old houses are being revived; new and old businesses are moving forward creatively; and the Farmer’s Market is active and thriving.  

As a Renaissance Circle member you will play a critical role in helping Kerrytown Concert House maintain its prominent place in the cultural fabric of this vibrant neighborhood and Ann Arbor at large with a renewed sense of purpose and vision combining continuing transformative evolution with enthusiastic homage to its cherished traditions.  We invite you to become an integral and essential part of this renaissance by joining The Renaissance Circle at Kerrytown Concert House.

Your Impact

As a Renaissance Circle Member your gifts will…

  • Provide critical financial support for over 300 world-class musicians a year.
  • Support innovative programming for over 20,000 yearly audience members in our community and throughout the world via our livestreams.
  • Facilitate educational opportunities and community partnerships and programs.
  • Support our dedicated and innovative staff.
  • Spearhead a complete renovation of the House.

“There is no other concert venue that offers such a rich variety of high quality music across so many genres and in such a mellow, intimate, acoustically superb listening/viewing environment – and that serves the community in countless other ways.” (Renaissance Circle Member, Paul Glendon)

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